Provides service to both employers and employees, as well as private individuals and social services agencies.

Monday-Friday: 7:30am – Noon and 1:00pm – 4:30pm

Phone: 785-266-0484

Fax: 785-266-0489

Photo IDs required for all tests.

Why Choose ComplianceOne Walk-In Clinic Services?

Our friendly and professional staff is certified in U.S. Department of Transportation drug screen collections and alcohol testing. The team is knowledgeable and trained in other types of testing as well, such as, rapid, and lab-based drug screen collections, as well as hair follicle and DNA collections. Walk-in service is available during business hours, no appointment necessary. (DNA testing by appointment only)

    Personal Walk-in Testing

    Rapid urine testing $75
    Lab-based urine testing $85
    Hair follicle testing 5 panel + 5 panel extended $100
    Breath alcohol testing $70

    For Company pre-employment, post-accident or random testing pricing please call 785-266-0484.


    Walk_in Clinic

    DNA Testing and Prices

    Our genetic testing services include paternity/maternity, sibling relation and grandparantage. All tests are confidential and are court admissible. Results available in 3 business days.

    Paternity/Maternity: $250, up to 3 people (each additional person – $100)
    Sibling: $385 up to 3 people
    Grandparentage: $385 up to 3 people

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